Flexi-2  (Rs. 2,000)

30 check-ins (in 2 months)

With no monthly fee, buy your sessions in bulk once and for all, and use them as per your convenience.

Flexi-4  (Rs. 3,800)

60 check-ins (in 4 months)

From gymming to dance, access all the facilities of Kulture Fitness with our Flexi-4 plan!

MONTHLY  (Rs. 1,700)

30 check-ins (in 30 days)

Sign up for monthly sessions at Kulture Fitness to get into a regular fitness routine.

QUARTERLY  (Rs. 5,000)

90 check-ins (in 90 days)

Give Kulture Fitness a shot with our quarterly plan, which will be light on your pocket.

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